I am Bardot. Thank you for considering this narrative, my first. I became interested in this genre as a teenager sneaking peeks into the romance novels strewn about the homes of women in my family. The sexually interesting parts could always be found at the ends of each chapter. To me, those books were never descriptive enough, nor were the interesting passages long enough. Also, the sex scenes always seemed a little sappy. “He broached her maidenhead”. What kind of uninspired, insipid effluvium is that ?

So I decided to write something along the same lines but with a slew of florid adjectives that describe sex as it really happens. The sights. The sounds. The aromas.

The characters contained herein are fictional , wholly unrelated to any one living or dead. Seriously. All of this is the product of a wild, teenaged imagination. I have two sisters. If either of them catches wind of this novel, they’ll say, “Where did all this incestuous lesbian crap come from ?! ?” 

It certainly doesn’t come from experience or some dormant, unsatiated desire.
It comes from earlier books that didn’t go far enough.

  (Heh-heh. Heh-heh. She said “comes” )

I'd like to thank my friend Helg from


Helg contributed the artwork for this story.  My thanks go out to him for his assistance with this work. He’s a genius!! 

Also, I’d like to thank my aunties for supplying the uninspired, insipid effluvium that inspired me. 

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